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Having clients from every imaginable industry means that we have to be capable of the effective production of assorted and very distinct products. No matter the genre, we put forth the same level of ingenuity, attentiveness, and resources in order to deliver impressive results. Our clients choose BRH2 Plastics because of our ability to minimize cost and add value to their merchandise.


Boon is a company that creates innovative solutions for parents in the modern age. Many of their components require plastic injection molding, and they trust BRH2 Plastics to get the job done.

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Since its conception in the early 1900s, Ford has been dedicated to their motto, “Ford Tough”, and when they need automotive materials that are built to last, they turn to a company that can exceed their expectations.

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As one of the largest automotive parts supplier with focus on interior components, International Automotive Components needs products that are made efficiently, affordably, and carefully.

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As an international automotive supplier, Magna is passionate about giving their customers reliable products to keep their families safe and comfortable, so they turn to a company that can give them just that.

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Zobele Group

The Zobele Group specializes in distributing the delivery systems of household and personal health care products; from deodorants to laundry detergents, they rely on BRH2 Plastics for exceptional service.

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